What Every Juror and Employer Needs to Know!

  Frequently Asked Questions:

 I am self-employed; Iím too busy, plus I could go under financially if I have to report for jury service.  How do I get out of it?

 You canít get out of itóno one is eligible to be excused from jury service ahead of time based on their occupation.  Jury service is a right and responsibility that all citizens share.  That said, there are a number of things I can do to make jury service more convenient for you.  The first thing I would suggest is to move your jury service to a date that is most convenient for you; I can also attempt to find a date that is just a one day trialóthat way if you are selected you will only be here that day.  Also, during jury selection youíll be speaking with the judge and you should explain your situation; at that time the judge does have authority to excuse you if he/she finds it is a hardship on you.  But--you have to report for jury service and speak to the judge during jury selection.

 Am I exempt from jury service because I have a felony conviction?

 No.  Years ago if you had a felony conviction you were exempt from jury service, but the legislature changed that law so now you serve just like anyone else.

 Iím scheduled to be on vacation; or have a work conflict.  What should I do?

 You should request a postponement to a more convenient date.  Follow the instructions on your summons for requesting a postponement, or go to one of the links on this page to contact me.  If thereís a particular date that would work best for you, be sure to include that informationóchances are Iíll be able to accommodate it.

 Is there an age limit for serving on a jury?

 Not in Colorado.  Some states have an age limit, but Colorado is not one of them.  Jury service in Colorado is based on your ability to serve, not your age.  Read on for more information about health-related situations. 

Iím currently not able to report because of a medical condition, what should I do?

 If you have a temporary medical condition and would be able to serve later, just request a postponement and indicate when you think you will be up to serving (sometime within the next 12 months).

 I have a medical condition and I donít think Iíll be able to serve at all this year (or perhaps permanently), what should I do? 

If you are under 72 years of age, your doctor must send a note indicating you should be excused due to your medical condition.  Please be sure your doctor specifies how long you should be excused (i.e., months, the rest of the year, or permanently).  Just call your doctorís office, give them my fax number (257-8767) and have them fax a note to me.  When I receive it, Iíll send you a postcard letting you know you are excused.

 If you are over 72 years of age, just complete the disqualification section on your summons and send it to me; or you may contact me at one of the links below and just briefly explain why you arenít able to report for jury service and that you should be permanently excused.

 I sent a letter from my doctor a couple years ago and thought I was permanently excused.  Why did I receive another summons?

 Could be a couple of reasons.  Your last doctorís note might not have indicated you should be excused permanently (in which case I would have only excused you for that year), or it could be the computer has your name slightly different this year than it did the last time.  For example, this year your name might be Rose A. Kelley.  A few years ago the computer may have had your name as Rose Anne Kelley.  If itís not an exact match the computer assumes you are not the same person.  Contact me at the link below and I will research it for you and let you know what, if anything, you need to do.

 I am the sole caretaker for a permanently disabled person.  Can I be excused?

 It depends.  To be excused to care for a permanently disabled person, the person must 1) reside with you and 2) you must not be employed outside the home.  If you meet this criteria, just have the disabled personís doctor send me a note indicating you need to be excused to care for another.  When I receive the note I will send you a postcard so you know you are excused.  These doctorsí notes are valid for the calendar year only; that means you could receive a summons some other year and would again need to send a doctorís note.

 Where do names come from for jury service?

 Driverís license, voter registration, Colorado I.D., Department of Revenue Records, and Change of Address Records.  All these agencies download names each year to the jury program.  Names are then randomly selected by a computer program and summonses are sent out.

 I swear I get a jury summons every year and my spouse/neighbor/co-worker never gets one.  Why is this?

 Well, it is a random processóthat means there is no order, and thereís not supposed to be an orderóit is by law to be a random process.  That said, there have been changes to the jury system in the past few years to try and make the process fairer to citizens.  Now when you receive a summons, the computer program is supposed to keep track of you by means of a ďservice rankĒ, and when possible not call you in consecutive years, thereby giving you a year off between service.  If you think you were called last year, contact me at the link below and I will research it.  If you were called last year I can excuse you this year.  Keep in mind that if you have your driverís license under Rose A. Kelley and your voter registration under Rose Anne Kelley you likely have twice as much chance of being called. 

 Iíve received a summons and no longer live in Mesa County.  What should I do?

 Complete the disqualification section of the summons and mail or fax it to me.  You must include your new address; also remember that you are required by law to change your driverís license within 10 days of any move.

 Iím not a U.S. citizen.  How come I got a summons?

Since names come from driverís license and Colorado I.D., you likely have one of those, and because you have a driverís license or I.D., that automatically puts your name in the system.  DMV doesnít keep track of who is a citizen, they just download all the names in their system to the jury system.  Just fill out the disqualification section, include your alien registration number, and mail or fax it to me.

 My religion prohibits me from judging anyone.  What should I do?

 You do need to report per the instructions on your summons.  During jury selection youíll be speaking with the judge and the judge has authority at that time to excuse you; but the judge does have to talk with you and this must occur during jury selection.


To request a postponement or a disqualification click here.


For more information about jury duty, see the links below or contact Jury Commissioner Rose Anne Kelley at:

Phone:    257-3650

E-mail:     mesajury@judicial.state.co.us

Fax:          257-8767

Jury Call In Line:   257-3693


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