Parenting Classes

Requirements and Timeline
Pursuant to 14-10-123.7 CRS, if the parties have minor children (under the age of 18) of this relationship, the court finds it would be beneficial to the parties and in the best interests of the minor child(ren) for the parties to complete a program in co-parenting. 

The parties shall immediately enroll in a parenting class. The parties shall complete the class within 42 days of receipt of the Notice and Order requiring co-parenting classes. This will be provided to you by the court. 

Failure to comply with taking this parenting class may result in the issuance of sanctions by the Court such as canceling hearings pertaining to your case or restricting participation of the non-complying party at the hearing. In addition the Court may issue an order to show cause why the non-complying party should not be found in contempt of court. If a party is found to be in contempt of court he/she may be fined and/or put in jail.

Class Information and Registration
Divorce can be a difficult experience for everyone. These classes focus on how parents can help their children weather divorce as unharmed as possible. They present a model for divorce where parents can remain involved with their children, where conflict is reduced, and where kids thrive.


CASA Of Mesa County:  Click here for schedule and sign up information.

Behavioral Health & Wellness -Parent Universities:  Click here for schedule and sign up information.

Listen2Kids (online only)  Parents must obtain permission from the court to take an online parenting class. Click here to view the website.

Due to the classes’ participatory nature, both parents will not be permitted to attend the same session. Choose the class type that best fits your needs:

Register for a standard co-parenting class if your relationship with your child’s other parent is marked by the following: 

• Low conflict between parents
• Generally amicable relationship
• Desire to cooperate
• Ability to cooperate

Topics covered include:
• Children’s reaction to divorce
• Becoming a co-parenting team
• Talking to children about their feelings
• Transitions that work
• What to expect in the future

Register for a HIGH CONFLICT class if your relationship with your child’s other parent is marked by the following:

• Restraining orders
• Substance abuse
• High conflict
• Domestic abuse

Topics covered include:
• Children’s reaction to divorce
• Meeting your children’s needs
• Managing anger
• Effects of conflict on children
• Setting and respecting boundaries
• Bring a pen or pencil. A workbook is provided.
• Please leave children at home. No childcare is available.
• You will NOT be in class with your child’s other parent.
• You must attend the entire seminar to receive credit.
• Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis.
• If you are unable to attend the seminar for which you have registered, it is your responsibility to re-register. There is a $10 re-registration fee.