Tips for Prospective Jurors

Here are a few tips for all Judicial District 21 prospective jurors: 

  •  Donít wait to see if your number is being called in before you request a postponement; youíll show up that morning and Iíll likely tell you no. 

  •  Donít just ignore your summonsópossible penalties for failing to report for jury service are a $750 fine and up to six months in jail.

  • Donít fax me, then email me, then call me on the phone; just pick one and give me a day or so to respond.  If you send all three thatís just three times the number of messages and emails I have to go through and it makes my response time even slower.

  • Be smartóif you are called for jury service the day before you are to leave on vacation or have an important business function, check with me to see if your trial will conflict with your other plansóremember, the average trial length is 3 days.

  • Donít view jury duty as a punishment.  Yes, it is something you are required to do, but by performing jury service you are giving back to your community and ensuring that our legal system works.  Nearly every juror reports that being selected as a juror was an interesting and educational experience, that they felt they were contributing to their community, and that they are proud of their work as a juror.  So chances are youíre going to actually enjoy your service; and remember, someday you may need a jury of your peers.

  • If youíd like to speak with me, call 970-257-3650; a recording will answer.  Just press 9 to bypass the recording.  If Iím at my desk I will answer; if I am not at my desk youíll be forwarded to my voice mail where you can leave a message (including your name, juror number, phone number, and situation); I will call you back as soon as possible.

For more information about jury duty, see the links below or contact Jury Commissioner Rose Anne Kelley at:

Phone:    257-3650


Fax:          257-8767

Jury Call In Line:   257-3693

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